Ruprecht Karls Universit├Ąt Heidelberg

Quantum Optics and Quantum Information - Gallery

  • Group picture, July 2017
    Bing, Han-Ning, Jian-Wei, Hui

  • Group picture, November 2016
    Bing, Andreas, Hui, Han-Ning

  • Group picture, March 2013
    (After moving the Lab to New PI with Mechanical Workshop)

  • Group picture, November 2011
    Christian, Torsten, Xiao-Fan, Han-Ning, Zhen-Sheng, Andreas

  • Boat trip from Hirschhorn down the Neckar river to Heidelberg, March 2011
    Claudia, Johannes, Fan, Xiao-Hui, Andreas, Zhen-Sheng, Christian

  • Group picture, January 2010
    Fan, Torsten,Claudia, Xiao-Fan, Xiao-Hui
    Peter, Andreas, Yhen-Sheng, Christian


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